Philly Pretzel Factory FTW!?


Philly Pretzel Factory… Is It Good?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the philly pretzel factory. this particular storefront is located in Crofton, Maryland, which is about a 10-15 minute drive away from where I live in Severna park. I have been planning to visit this place for over a year. Don’t ask me why I haven’t done it … I just haven’t. I see it every time I go to shop at the At Home store or whenever I go to Krispy kreme. It’s like,right there, calling my name… and I just never took the chance to stop by and visit. Until yesterday.

1st Time For Everything

The day was football Sunday. My patriots were playing the Kansas City Chiefs, so I decided “Hey why not go get some pretzels?”. I drove up to the restaurant, parked my car, and walked in. And I was pleasantly greeted by 2 staff members who also turned out to he the only workers that day, believe.

Order Up

There was really nothing to ordering my pretzels. The menu is pretty cut-and-dry. Everything is right there on the sign and if you have any, questions (which you really shouldn’t) you can just ask the person working. They can answer all your pretzel questions.

I had $50 to spend in the form of a gift card, so my availability of choices was pretty open. I ended up choosing a variety of items so I could get a true feel for the foods offered. In all, I ordered pepperoni pretzel dogs, regular pretzel dogs, normal pretzels, and cinnamon pretzel nuggets. Oh, I also ordered 3 different dips: mustard, butter creme and cheddar cheese.

Does It Taste Good?

My opinion on the pretzels. Well, they were justOK. Nothing phenomenal… maybe if I were actually in Philly I would feel like the pretzels were a little bit better. But they, to me, were just “eh”.

My pepperoni dog wasn’t a pepperoni dog. it’s just pepperoni slices on a pretzel. I didn’t quite like it. My pretzel dog? Honestly, I had better from other places. In my opinion the pretzel dog was smaller than what I was used to … especially for the price. This pretzel dog cost $2.50 and I’ve had other pretzel dogs that cost around the same amount and they’re bigger and they just have a lot more flavor to them. I did enjoy the cinnamon nuggets,though. Just enough pretzel and you use the dip to add more taste to it. Yum!

Conclusion Thoughts

All in all, I respect what the Philly Pretzel Factory is doing. I may revisit them again or I might not. Only time will tell. If your looking for a quick snack while you’re out shopping in Crofton,MD, stop by and judge them for yourself!